Watch ‘The Grey’ Director Joe Carnahan Talk About Making Movies Today, His ‘M:I III’ Film & More


I really admire Joe Carnahan as a filmmaker. He’s one of those rare types that isn’t afraid to be completely honest about any given situation. His films have reflected his sometimes-aggressive attitude perfectly, with Smokin’ Aces being all-over-the-place and almost always enjoyable, while The A-Team was big and action-packed, but sort of weak.

I’m most fond of his latest film, The Grey, because I think there he’s able to balance out so many different levels perfectly. It’s a bad ass film that isn’t afraid to get deep and personal without ever coming off as pretentious. It just goes to show you how strong and talented of a filmmaker Joe Carnahan is and how excellent Liam Neeson can be as a lead when given the right material to sink his teeth into.

Recently, Joe sat down with and they shot a video, discussing various projects that he was once involved with (like Mission: Impossible III) as well as the state of the movie-making business today and how much other cooks in the kitchen can mess with someone’s work. He also goes onto discuss a bit more about how up-and-coming filmmakers have it so much harder than old studio-working filmmakers, because now you’ve basically got to hit a home run on your first shot or else you could ruin your career.

Lots of great topics discussed in these videos. Give them a look down below:

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