Watch The First Five Minutes Of Lockout Starring Guy Peace

Guy Pearce stars in Lockout, the latest B action movie to hit theaters this Friday. The film centers on a prison located in outer space. When the inmates start taking over the President calls for one man to get his daughter out safely and that man is none other than Snow (Pearce). Lockout looks like a harmless action film to help kick-start the summer and if you’re still on the rocks with the concept then maybe the first five minutes of the film might help persuade you.

YouTube has released the opening minutes and while I’d love to check the clip out, I think I’m going to skip on it for now and save the enjoyment for tomorrow. My review will follow on Friday!

Check out the first five minutes of Lockout below and make sure to check out the film in theaters this Friday on April 13th, 2012.

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