Watch Short Film Which Inspired The Upcoming Film Mama (Plus New Image From Pacific Rim)


Guillermo del Toro is a busy man right now. He’s got the upcoming horror film Mama coming out soon, which he produced, plus he’s got his mega-monsters movie Pacific Rim coming next summer, which he directed.

Today we have two pieces of news to share with you. The first is a new image from Pacific Rim, which can be seen above. It features Idris Elba and while it’s not much of anything to extensively talk about it is worth noting that new images means eventually new footage!

The focus of this article is really for Mama, which stars Jessica Chastain. Below is the short of the same name. It inspired del Toro to get in touch with director Andy Muschietti to make the short into a full-length film. I haven’t seen Mama just yet, but I did watch the short and I must say that it’s very atmospheric and creepy. Check out the short below, introduced by del Toro himself!

Mama opens on January 18th and Pacific Rim on July 12th of 2013.

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