Watch Seth Rogen’s 2012 Spirit Awards Opening Monologue

Now that’s how you host an awards show. One thing that really bothered me this year watching the Oscars was host Billy Crystal and his lack of being able to successfully tell a joke. Sure, there were a few decent spots throughout the shows lengthy running time, but most of his attempted humor fell flat on the floor. It actually made me wish that the whole Eddie Murphy/Brett Ratner thing didn’t happen. Most of the highlights of the show came from guys like Chris Rock, who came onto the stage for minutes and managed to get the loudest laughs.

Which brings me to this video of Seth Rogen‘s opening monologue at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards. The Film Stage notes how hilarious Seth is in these opening minutes and how he should be the guy the Academy calls to host for next year. I agree 110%. There’s just something about his humor that really clicks with me (and a lot of others) and its great seeing him have barely any struggle carrying the 15 minute opener.

It’s guys like Seth Rogen and Ricky Gervais that should be hosting the Oscars. Otherwise the show becomes just another uptight, boring look at Hollywood and the movies they make. We all know that every year at least 1 or 2 really good movies get the shaft and 90% of the time the movie that ends up winning the big one isn’t even all that deserving, so why not spice up the show with a host that will at least entertain us and distract us from the fact that the show itself is kind of a joke?

Watch the monologue below and drop a comment or two afterwards, letting us know what you thought of Rogen’s hosting skills and who you’d like to see how next year’s Oscars.

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