Watch: New Infested Films Short ‘The Shed’

Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Who doesn’t love horror films, fall weather and CANDY?!

Anyways, Halloween season is in the air, which means lots of horror films getting pumped into circulation via theaters, on-demand, YouTube, Netflix and so on.

The good folks over at Infested Films have debuted a new short on Youtube, titled The Shed.

It’s part of their Infested TV channel, which promises tons of creative and original horror content.

Check out Scott Dawson and David Sherbrook‘s latest up above and make sure to share it around and comment down below.

I personally love how well-made their gore effects are, not to mention the endless amounts of horror references that they always manage to plug into their material. The film was made for practically nothing, yet has the production value of a full-length film.

Here’s the press release from Infested Films:

Infested Films is proud to announce Infested TV! A unique channel dedicated to producing and creating original horror, comedy, sci-fi, and genre content for the legions of die hard horror fans all over the world! Created by Infested Films co-founders, David Sherbrook and Scott Dawson, Infested TV will be bringing you scary, gory, creepy, fun, and hilarious short films, sketches, music videos, and anything else your twisted minds desire.
Kicking off the brand new channel is the new short film The Shed! The film was shot in two days, with no budget and no frills, by a small and dedicated group of friends who love making movies and monsters. Just in time for Halloween, watch this creepy and fun short about a couple and their new roommate, and see what’s hiding in… THE SHED!
Stay tuned for more details and be sure to subscribe to Infested TV on YouTube, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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