Watch First 4 Minutes Of Warm Bodies


Jonathan Levine is a director that keeps on surprising me. He grabbed my attention with The Wackness and he sealed his name as one of my favorites with last year’s touching, yet sincere and hilarious 50/50. Because of those two amazing films I’ll go into anything he does next, even if it’s a zombie romance. Warm Bodies is unlike anything before it, acting like a first-class romance between two beings, but then revealing that one of those is a member of the undead population.

It’s based on a book that I’ll probably never read, but the first trailer hit that perfect amount of charm that has me naturally interested.

Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult star, with Rob Corddry, Dave Franco and John Malkovich co-starring.

Today we’ve got our first look at the film’s opening four minutes and while there’s no Teresa Palmer to be seen, we do get a sense of the humor on display translated through the mind of lifeless zombie R (Hoult). I like that the clip is funny and yet never too silly. It feels fresh and interesting and something that I’d certainly want to see more of.

How about you?

Warm Bodies opens on February 1st, 2013.

Source : Fandango

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