Watch This “Creation” Clip From ‘Noah’, AKA One Of The Best Sequences Ever Filmed


I really enjoyed Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah. It’s definitely not his best film by any stretch, but it holds up well as one of my favorite films of 2014 so far.

One of the best sequences of the movie and ever visually constructed is the Creation sequence, which sprawls out across the universe as star Russell Crowe explains how everything was formed.

It’s brilliant and chilling and the best part of the film and one of the most impressive time-lapse sequences ever and now you can watch the entire thing for free, thanks to Protozoa Pictures.

I suggest you watch it on a large screen and in full 1080p HD, because it’s a work of movie magic and something that should make you want to rush out and watch the rest of the film immediately.


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