Watch: 2012 Filmography


2012 was a fantastic year for cinema. A lot of people consider it a disappointing year because of all the big disappointments. Some didn’t care for The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises or the extremely-hyped Prometheus, while others found a lot to love on the indie scene with films like Moonrise Kingdom, The Master, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and Safety Not Guaranteed.

I thought the year was diverse, with films like Looper and Killer Joe sneaking up out of nowhere, plus Tarantino delivers with Django Unchained and some early year gambles like John Carter weren’t that bad. Still, people are saying 2012 was weak and I couldn’t disagree more.

To show you just how good the year was I present you with this video that covers the entire year. What’s great about it is how well it is edited together and how it covers virtually everything released, big and small. It’s not too long and it’s just a reminder of what a great year we’ve had.

Thanks to my friend Austen for pointing it out and to “genrocks” for making it!

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