Warner Bros. Wants Contagion 2

2011 had a few surprise films up its sleeve, like Steven Soderbergh‘s virus pandemic film Contagion. I didn’t particularly care for it (my review here), but it was a well put together film with an important message. It was creepy and scary without any need for blood and gore. Not many horror films can say that they achieved what Contagion did.

Warner Bros. must be running out of projects, because they’ve called out an “open writing assignment” for a sequel, according to The Grid. That basically means that they don’t have any ideas on where to take the film, but they want it to exist sometime soon!

Writer Scott Z. Burns will be producing the flick, with no word on if Soderbergh will return for directing duties. I doubt he will, but it would sure make things more interesting.

Where do you think they should take Contagion 2, if they absolutely have to make it?

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