Warner Bros Sets Gangster Squad For October 2012

It looks like Warner Brothers has some faith in Ruben Fleischer‘s latest film, Gangster Squad. Box Office Mojo is reporting that Gangster Squad now has a release date of October 19th, 2012, which is just in time for Oscar season. The film is a 1940’s crime thriller starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Nick Nolte, Michael Pena, Robert Patrick and Giovanni Ribisi.

I’m looking forward to this one, mainly because of the impressive cast but also because of the director, Ruben Fleischer. He made a name for himself with Zombieland, which most people loved and then he followed it up with 30 Minutes or Less, a much funnier film in my opinion. I’m very curious to see how Fleischer handles a drama with such a huge cast. Obviously Warner Bros. see’s something in it or else they wouldn’t have given it the October slot.

I guess only time will tell! What are your thoughts on the project? Are you a fan of the director or any of the cast? Do you enjoy 1940’s crime flicks?

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