Warner Bros. Offers Ben Affleck Justice League

Yesterday Disney announced their strong bonds with filmmaker Joss Whedon and now today Warner Bros. is shocking us all by apparently offering director Ben Affleck first dibs on their upcoming Justice League movie.

It’s no secret that WB likes Affleck, especially after he gave them the highly success and really good crime drama The Town and his upcoming film Argo looks to be a respectable follow-up.

He was at one point attached to an adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand, but now it looks like they want him to step up to the “big leagues”. I find this announcement kind of odd, especially after we just heard about Fox wanting director Joe Carnahan to direct their Daredevil reboot.

Ben Affleck doesn’t need to direct a superhero film, especially one as risky as Justice League. He’s working on a whole other level at this point in his career and taking Justice League would most likely be a big mistake on his part, no matter the heavy paycheck.

I sure hope he turns it down. How about you?

(via Variety)

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