Warner Bros. Hires Writer To Pen Justice League Script

Warner Bros. is obviously reacting to Marvel’s recent success with The Avengers by hiring Gangster Squad writer Will Beall to pen a script for a live-action Justice League film.

The film has underwent talks before, when George Miller was going to direct Common, Armie Hammer and various others in a film that ultimately became nothing because of the WGA Strike of 2007.

There really must not be an overall game plan at WB, because Nolan’s Batman films are so drastically different than previous Superman and Green Lantern films. Zack Snyder said he didn’t want his Man of Steel film to tie into a Justice League film, but that really isn’t his call.

Nolan is done with Batman after The Dark Knight Rises, but talk about rebooting Batman has been pretty active as of late. Green Lantern is supposed to get a darker sequel, which will probably tie into a Justice League film, if it ever actually happens.

Realistically they’d probably want something on the table by 2015, which means they’ll have to do a lot of planning. Wonder Woman is supposed to get her own film, plus we can’t forget about Flash.

I’d rather they focus on making good quality films before trying to bring everything together. DC films have been pretty bad, outside of Nolan’s Batman films and Watchmen.

(via Variety)

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