Warner Bros. Has Found A Writer For The I Am Legend Prequel

One of the biggest disappointments of 2007 in my mind was I Am Legend; the Will Smith starred CGI vampire disaster of a film that managed to screw the book every single way possible. It really is a shame because Will Smith‘s performance was great and the first section of the movie was really good too. But everything that followed it was garbage, just pure bottom of the barrel garbage. The CGI vampire creatures looked horrid and were given no detail at all and the ending ruined the entire point the book was trying to make.

It’s safe to say that I personally don’t want to see another I Am Legend film in anyway and director Francis Lawrence said he wasn’t coming back for another film, but now Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has hired Arash Amel to write a script for the possible prequel. I’m sure if production gets going and they make Lawrence a decent enough offer he’ll come back, but the biggest obstacle the film will have to get over is Will Smith.

He’s known to be pretty picky when picking over scripts, which is why Men in Black III is taking forever. If he likes the script and decides to come on then the film will be made quickly and without question, but if he doesn’t like it then this thing could sit for a while.

But we also have to factor in how good/bad Men in Black III does. It could ruin his credibility a little or it could continue it, so there’s always that.

I’m not the least bit interested in an I Am Legend prequel. Are you?


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