Wachowski’s Netflix Show ‘Sense8’ Gets A Trailer

If you’re somebody who loves to binge watch seasons or shows on Netflix, the producing-directing team behind the Matrix Trilogy & Jupiter Ascending are releasing a new thrilling and trippy project titled Sense8.

Sense8 seems to have a pretty cool premise. It follows a group of eight different people across the world that seem to only have one connection, their minds are linked. As the trailer shows, this isn’t the case. It follows their individual, yet intertwined, stories and their strange connections, as the danger appears to grow.

This appears to be such a unique concept that could be really interesting and entertaining if produced correctly. I’m sure I will find myself tuning into this Netflix original series once it’s release.

Look for the first 12-episode season to drop on 5 June 2015 on Netflix. Let us know what you think of this interesting new project by the Wachowskis. Also, make sure to check out the trailer below.


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