Viral Marketing For Neill Blomkamp’s Latest Film, Elysium Has Started

Neill Blomkamp is responsible for directing one of 2009’s best films, District 9. The way he managed to tell an alien story grounded on Earth was great. The emotions he was able to capture using the CGI technology was very impressive and still unmatchable today. He instantly shot up on everyone’s list of directors to watch over the next few years. Everyone wanted to know what his next project was going to be and when it was going to be coming out.

Today, we have those answers. His next film titled Elysium is a futuristic science fiction film that takes place on another planet. It sounds pretty damn awesome, especially coming from Neill Blomkamp.

The viral marketing has started at Comic-Con 2011, with this poster popping up.

If you head over to the Armadyne website you will be greeted with a recruitment video that mentions things like “zero g welders” and “quantum networkers”. What that means is beyond me, which makes perfect sense considering the completion of this Armadyne project is set for 2097. Is that when this new film will take place?

We don’t know much about the film, but we do know the cast and release date.

Elysium stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, Wagner Moura, William Fichtner, Alice Braga and Diego Luna. The film has a March 1st, 2013 release date.

Check out the Armadyne video below, thanks to The Film Stage:

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