Vine Officially Lands On Windows Phone


It has been a long and hopeless wait for Windows Phone users, as they’ve been waiting for an official Vine app to drop for the mobile operating system for what seems like forever.

Word first surfaced this past summer that the popular 6 second video client would be making its way to the underdog format, but then things grew quiet. That’s not too uncommon for Windows Phone app development, especially when it comes to flagship apps that could really help the format take off.

But dedicated developer Rudy Huyn launched 6sec, which is his own version of Vine, which actually works better than the official app. 6sec is a fully-featured Windows Phone app that allows users to create 6 second video clips, while also tagging, sharing and much more.

Last week, Vine officially launched for the format. The app is smooth and simple, much like most Windows Phone apps, but it’s kinda lacking the goods that Rudy has already provided. For example, you can’t tag users in posts or comments, which is a big misstep and live tiles and toast notifications seem to be lacking too. But don’t worry, the app is fresh to the market on a 1.1 build, so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

I’m just happy to see some big-time support, even if I’ll personally end up sticking with Rudy’s far more superior 6sec app.

Click here to download Vine for Windows Phone or click here to give 6sec a try.

Stay tuned for more Windows Phone news as it breaks!


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