Vin Diesel To Join Breck Eisner’s The Last Witch Hunter

Witch hunting and vampire slaying is getting a bit too repetitive for my likings, but The Wrap‘s recent report of star Vin Diesel joining director Breck Eisner‘s The Last Witch Hunter doesn’t sound like the absolute worst idea. Diesel has mostly been sticking to the Fast/Furious franchise these past few years, with Riddick being the only exception.

I’ve never hated Diesel as a performer, but his talents are limited to that of shooting guns and acting tough. The Last Witch Hunter could be his next tentpole film and that’s just what he needs right now, with the Fast/Furious franchise already coming in with a six installment and Riddick probably being the final film in the series, based solely on the production troubles getting the film off the ground.

Breck Eisner is most known for directing the horror remake The Crazies, which was actually kind of good for something that could have been another PG-13 generic horror flick to bank on the name alone.

Perhaps the two teaming up could be great for both parties?

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