Vin Diesel Announces Another ‘Riddick’


Vin Diesel has never been one to go about things in a normal manner. He’s just not that guy. Which means that he’s not just going to come out and announce a follow-up to the semi-success Riddick. Oh no. He’s going to do some sort of weird dance and he’s going to record it and post it on Facebook.

That’s just what he does.

Riddick was a modest success for Universal, both critically and financially. It made decent coin on a micro-budget (when compared to Chronicles of Riddick) and it properly returned the series to its R-rated Pitch Black roots.

So, I’m more than down for another one. Heck, I’d be down watching Riddick lay waste to random creatures all alone on an empty planet.


Here’s his official post, followed by that weird video:

Guys, I’m just…I’m excited, I’m happy, and I’m calling you guys or shouting out to you guys to say thank you. Universal just called me and told me that Riddick is number one on the DVD charts. There’s no way Riddick would have been made without you guys, you know that. And you guys that have been part of our page since 2012 will remember how arduous a road it was for us to actually get the movie made and to make it rated R and to do it with such a low budget. It’s a win for all of us and really, really, really thank you so much. I’m excited and of course Universal’s also saying they want to develop the next one!


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