Video Game Review “Wii Play: Motion”

Yes, it is time to pull out your Nintendo Wii and brush the dust off your Wii remotes. Let’s play some Nintendo.  The original Wii Play is one of the best selling games in console history, selling almost 30 million units worldwide. The game came with 9 mini-games, including fishing, laser hockey, table tennis, a re-incarnation of duck hunt, billiards, a tank shooter, and a quirky cow racing game. The concept was simple; play these mini games, either 1 player or 2 players, and try to earn high scores with your Mii to earn medals. It is probably one of the most popular titles on the Wii, other than Wii Sports.

Now the sequel has been released, Wii Play: Motion. This sequel now makes use of the Wii Motion add-on to incorporate a more accurate reading from the sensor bar and your Wii Remote. The game comes with a Wii Remote with Wii Motion built in, and the price is 49.99 currently. So basically, you’re paying 19.99 for the game and 29.99 for a new controller which is a great deal if you ask me.

This time the game includes 12 mini games: Wind Runner, in which you have an umbrella and try to catch the wind to race down a track. The mini game has a very Mario-kart type feel to it. Trigger Twist, which is a new revamped Duck Hunt with a first person shooter mode. I thoroughly enjoy this one and will most likely be regarded as the premier mini game in this sequel. Next is Pose Mii Plus, which is where you have to move your controller to move your Mii character to fit through the shape so that you can continue on. Cone Zone is another mini game that is fun. You are trying to hold a cone for ice cream scoops to be dropped into it and it keeps getting higher and higher and you have to try and balance it so it doesn’t all come down on you with a giant splash.

There are a few more quick mini games such as Whack a Mole, which can be crazy with 4 player multiplayer and Skip Skimmer, which is just throwing stones and trying to get them to skip a lot. That one is a lot like Frisbee Golf for Wii Sports Resort at least in the way that you have to play it and handle the controller. Another game is Grappling Ghosts in which you have to move the controller in the air waiting for a rumble to signal that a ghost is near so that you may attempt to capture it. It’s pretty innovative and something different from the rest of the games in this sequel so it’s worth checking out.

I could go in more depth about every single mini game and analyze all the modes and such, but I think all in all, you already know if you would enjoy this game or not. I don’t think it is for somebody just sitting around by themselves unless you just love to play games repeatedly trying to earn medals and get the highest scores possible. This is definitely a party or multiplayer type game. Throw it in with friends or family over, hand everyone a remote, and enjoy the 4 player madness. Whack some moles, find some ghosts, shoot UFO’s, ninjas, dinosaurs, and enjoy. All in all, if you are bored of Wii Play since it’s been out for 5 years, get this one. It’s a good sequel and improves on the original Wii Play. Plus having another controller around won’t hurt. Yes, that’s the end of my review and Yes, you can go ahead and put Super Smash Bros. Brawl back into your Wii.

Words don’t do any video game justice! Want to see Wii Play: Motion… in motion? Click here! Wii Play Motion Gameplay

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