V/H/S 2 Director Roster Announced

Despite the fact that I wasn’t very impressed with V/H/S, I had high expectations for the film based on the roster of directors making the film.  While the concept was interesting, and I enjoyed a few of the shorts individually, I felt as a whole, it didn’t come together to make enough sense.

Roxanne Benjamin and Brad Miska (editor-in-chief of Bloody-Disgusting.com) will return as producers, and the first film was based on Miska’s concept, so I expect he’ll return to that role for the sequel as well.  Where the first film had some good talent directing the segments, the sequel looks to be better off with even more genre heavy hitters this time around.

Jason Eisner (Hobo With a Shotgun), Gareth Evans (The Raid), and Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) will all be directing segments for the film this time around.  Adam Wingard (You’re Next, A Horrible Way to Die) will return to direct a segment in the sequel, marking the only returning director from the first film.  Also added is Wingard’s writing partner Simon Barrett, who will be directing a segment, and in doing so, making his directorial debut.

It’s an interesting roster, Eisner has blown people away with everything he’s made so far, including the short Treevenge a few years ago.  Gareth Evans only has Merantu and The Raid to his credit as a director, and both are martial arts films, so it will be interesting to see what he does with a horror based segment, which he will co-direct with Timo Tjahjanto, who directed Macabre and a segement of The ABC’s of Death.  Since The Blair Witch ProjectEduardo Sanchez‘s output has been less than impressive, but I’m still curious to see what he comes up with.  Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard have made a pretty big splash in Hollywood lately, securing the job to make Dead Spy Running for McG a few months back, so I’m curious to see what each of them will come up with as well.  I just hope the whole thing is more cohesive as a film, rather than a few shorts slapped together around the same wrap-around concept, which this time will center on:

“When a sleazy PI and his assistant are hired to find a missing student, they break into his house to find evidence of his whereabouts. Inside they find a hub of recording equipment and monitors surrounded by stacks of VHS tapes. They check the footage for clues to the boy’s disappearance, opening up an endless stream of horrifying videos. But the changes that the videos cause may be even more horrific… 5 more tapes. 5 more stories. More will be revealed.”

I’m curious enough to give it a look, shouldn’t be too long before it is made available by Magnet Releasing for our viewing pleasure.

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