Verizon Releases First Windows Phone Of 2015; The LG Lancet


It’s no surprise that Verizon hasn’t shown much care for the third biggest mobile operating system, Windows Phone.

In fact, most Windows Phone users look to AT&T for the latest and greatest devices. And that’s still sort of true when it comes to flagship devices with beefier specs and hardware.

But still, Verizon is the largest provider in the U.S. and it’s nice to have a some options when it comes to picking out a new phone or mobile operating system.

Today, Verizon officially announced and released the LG Lancet, which just so happens to be their first Windows Phone release of 2015.

The Lancet is basically a simple port of an Android device, only this time running Windows Phone 8.1, also carrying some LG-branded features such as Knock On (double-tap to wake), Live Shot (LG’s camera app) and a handful of other apps and options that can be found on Lumia or HTC devices, but with a different name.

The Lancet is a mid-range device, sporting average specs such as an 8MP camera, 4.5 inch screen, 8GB of internal storage with the option of adding more via MicroSD.

This isn’t exactly a home run device for those looking to upgrade their Windows Phones‘, but it’s nice to see variety and it’s even better seeing LG release a Windows Phone after being out of the game for so long.

The LG Lancet is also super cheap, with a special deal making it $19.99 on a new contract or $120 flat out, which is insanely cheap for those looking for a new phone in between contract upgrades.

The news of the Lancet coming to Verizon is a positive one for avid Windows Phone users on Verizon. It seems like Verizon has never really cared much for supporting Windows Phone, with the flagship Nokia Lumia Icon (sporting a 20MP camera) getting all but no attention and eventually getting pulled from shelves in under a year.

Now, Verizon has the LG Lancet up for offerings, plus the now-old HTC M8 One and a Samsung device.

Word is that Verizon is also getting another mid-range device — the Microsoft Lumia 735, which can be seen below.

Hopefully this means more flagship devices down the road, just in time for Windows 10 for phones.

verizon-lumia-735-renderBuy the LG Lancet from Verizon by clicking right here.

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