Uwe Boll Trashes Terrence Malick And The Tree Of Life

Uwe Boll has been known to be one of the worst directors in Hollywood. He has yet to make a single movie that critics or people in general like. The reason for that is because the guy is a talentless piece of shit. I’ve tried sitting through a few of his films and I honestly couldn’t. I had to stop them immediately and proceed to break the discs into a million pieces (or return them to Netflix/Blockbuster).

This really doesn’t come as a surprise that he bashes a great film maker and a great film. Boll is just trying to get his 5 minutes of fame. His films won’t get him any publicity and I think he realizes that. It’s just sad that he has to trash another film maker just to try and come off as a rebel or something. It really makes him look like an even bigger tool and in no way do I ever feel like watching another one of his films after reading this bit of news.

In an interview with Screen Junkies Boll had this to say about The Tree of Life:

I totally hated that movie because I feel as a filmmaker that besides the fact that Terrence Malick did some great visuals on some movies, also on The New World, like the opening of that movie was really good but then he completely lost it. I think Tree of Life is a piece of shit. Totally, and I think Sean Penn is ridiculous in it, like walking around in the elevator. It’s nothing. This is the thing. It’s so overrated because it’s Terrence Malick. Same as Lars von Trier’s movies. I like Breaking the Waves. After that was all crap. The thing is he gets all the Hollywood stars, “Oh, I want to work with him” and they don’t know what kind of retard he is. I think the same with Terrence Malick. I think Terrence Malick is one of the overrated directors of all time.

And that right there proves that The Tree of Life needs to be seen instantly. If an idiot film maker like Uwe Boll doesn’t like it then that must mean that there is something good in it! I hope he trashes all of the Oscar nominated films this year as it will just confirm that they are good films. Anything Boll seems to hate ends up being good!

I’d like to close this out by saying fuck you Uwe Boll. Terrence Malick can make a better 5 min intro of a film then you can in an entire film career. I’d rather watch the 15 minute end credits for The Thin Red Line than Rampage. You’re a talentless hack that isn’t going anywhere but down.

Oh and come talk to me when all of your films combined gross equals The Adjustment Bureau‘s gross.

On a brighter note, check out my Tree of Life review by clicking here!

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