Unofficial Snapchat App, 6snap, Now Available For Windows Phone


It’s no secret that I am addicted to Snapchat. I’m also a proud Windows Phone user, which simply means that I’ve been lugging around an old and beaten up Droid to do my Snapchatting, while I’ve patiently been awaiting for a Snapchat client to drop for the Widows Phone.

There was once Swapchat, which got removed and then the horribly slow and featureless Snapchat (Unofficial). Up until now, the market has been an empty wasteland for Snapchat-lovers like myself.

But then Snapback went into beta, which promised us image and video capturing, plus a metro UI layout. It was missing toast notifications, live titles and Snapchat Stories, but it was definitely a much more promising app than previous releases.

And now 6tag and 6sec developer Rudy Huyn has dropped 6snap on us, which is the most feature-heavy Snapchat app out there, even when compared to its iOS and Android counterparts.

6snap is absolutely beautiful, capturing the look and feel of the real app, while remaining quick and snappy and packaged with a few exclusive Windows Phone treats. There’s a few bugs that I’m sure Rudy is already working on fixing for future updates, but as it stands, 6snap is amazing.

I’d really like to see how Snapchat could come out and release an official app that’s any better, if not equal to what Rudy has given the Windows Phone community. Snapchat is a rather simple concept, yet Rudy has managed to turn it into a feature-rich app that’s clean, simple, fast and great to use.

Make sure to grab 6snap by clicking on the link right here.


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