Unknown Review

Those of you expecting another Taken will be highly disappointed. Unknown is another average action flick that doesn’t really bring anything fresh to the mix. It’s directed and acted well, but it’s predictable and kind of boring. This is the type of movie that makes for a good blind rental on a boring night. If you go in expecting nothing, you might end up pleased, but if you go in thinking that this is another one of those movies with Liam Neeson kicking ass and taking names for 2 hours long, you will regret dedicating hours to it!

Unknown stars Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris. Harris is a doctor who is going to Berlin with his wife for a conference. After dropping his wife off at the hotel he realizes that he forgot his briefcase at the airport. This briefcase happens to have his passport, which later becomes a key element in the story. While going back for the briefcase, he gets in a car crash and is in the hospital for four days. He awakes with bits of his memory erased.

He goes to the hotel and confronts his wife. She is standing with another man who claims to be Dr. Martin Harris. This man has a passport, wallet and photo that back his claims. Everyone that Harris was going to meet in Berlin has only spoke with him over the phone, so they must take this “imposters” word over his since he has no identification. Neeson sets out to prove that he is in fact the REAL Dr. Martin Harris. He starts his journey with the taxi driver who was in the car crash with him. The rest of the movie consists of him slowly discovering his memory while getting chased down by some henchmen. The movie is pretty straight forward until the last 20 minutes, when you are given a little “twist”. It’s nothing you wouldn’t expect if you are familiar with this type of film or if you have seen the trailer enough times to question it.

I will give this movie a little credit for kind of surprising me at the end. I can’t say I was entirely surprised, but I can say that I was almost expecting them not to use the “twist” that they did. It managed to turn my opinion from bad to average. It was something I didn’t mind sitting through once, but I don’t plan on watching again.

Liam Neeson doesn’t do much at all in the movie. He pretty much channels a less intense version of his character in Taken. The supporting cast is forgettable besides the lovely Diane Kruger, who was last seen in Inglourious Basterds. She played a very helpful character in the movie and she managed to be very believable.

One thing this movie lacked was action. The first half of the movie is the car crash followed by Neeson going to different places trying to figure out who he is. When the action is finally introduced it only comes in short waves and it mostly consists of car chases. Very little hand to hand combat and since it was granted the loveable PG13 rating, it lacked any blood or intense violence, which ruins this type of movie for me.

Overall, Unknown was very average. It’s nothing horrible, but it’s nothing amazing. For the most part, it’s what the trailer makes it out to be. A plain mystery mixed with a little action. I will say that the trailer shows pretty much ALL the action bits, so don’t expect much more. I would skip this in theaters and wait for a boring night when there is nothing else to rent unless you love Liam Neeson so much that you need to see him in everything.

Unknown – 7/10

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