Universal’s 47 Ronin Having More Problems

Universal’s upcoming Keanu Reeves-starring film 47 Ronin has apparently ran into a bit of trouble. The film’s release date has been bumped around for months now, with a final settlement on December 25th of 2013. It was supposed to come out this year, but things keep getting shuffled around according to The Wrap.

Newcomer director Carl Rinsch has apparently exceeded the budget by about $50 million dollars and now the studio is reportedly stepping in and taking over. Damage control on big Hollywood blockbusters is never a good thing, because we’re likely not going to see the original cut and we’ll never know which version of the film is actually better.

I’ve been tracking this one lazily, only knowing about Reeves’ involvement and that it’s based on a Japanese legend.

Do you think 47 Ronin will eventually make it to theaters mostly unharmed or will it be butchered down and stripped away of its pride and dignity?

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