Universal Working On Snow White, Ted & American Pie Sequels

Universal has had a decent year so far. They haven’t had a perfect record (I’m looking at you Battleship), but most of their summer blockbusters have proven to be just that. Snow White and the Huntsman opened at number one and hung out for a while on the top ten list, which means a sequel is almost guaranteed at this point. The only real hiccup with that idea is the recent reveal of an affair between director Rupert Sanders and star Kristen Stewart. A sequel might mean Sanders getting the boot and Stewart and co-star Chris Hemsworth getting raises.

Another surprise hit was the Seth MacFarlane directed Ted, which starred Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg. I’m not exactly sure how they could sculpt a sequel out of the material present in the film, but leave it to Universal and Seth to get crackin’ on another raunchy teddy bear-centered comedy. This is of course if MacFarlane even wants to return.

The most depressing sequel news is the possibility of an American Pie 5, which would follow the events of American Reunion. I swear Reunion didn’t do good numbers at the box office, but looking back it seems that it made over $200 million worldwide, which means that we can expect another one for sure, but with a slight decrease in budget, since only $56 million of that was accumulated stateside.

Which sequel could you mostly stomach, if any?

(via THR)

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