Universal Stalls ‘Fast & Furious 7’


The tragic passing of Paul Walker has taken us all by surprise. It’s one of those sad events that unfortunately has to be tied to the production of a movie, which happens to be the currently-shooting Fast & Furious 7.

Walker was obviously one of the key players of the film and the franchise, leaving behind a gigantic void for Universal to fill, which right now might be getting completely re-worked, in order to best honor his character in the franchise and Walker as a man that put an incredible amount of effort and dedication into each and every Fast movie that he starred in.

Originally, the word was that director James Wan and Universal decided on postponing the movie, to possibly re-tool key sequences, but now it looks like the film has been put on the shelf, until they can decide if they want to scrap it entirely and start over or do some heavy rewrites.

This kind of thing is never easy, because the end result will unfairly speak heavily as Walker’s last film and there needs to be a way for the studio to honor him properly, while also continuing their franchise and delivering a quality film.

I can’t even imagine how hard decisions like this are for all of the folks involved with the production of the film, but I wish them the very best.


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