Universal Hires Len Wiseman To Reboot The Mummy

Look, I know that the recent Mummy trilogy, starring Brendan Fraser, was nothing more than a mere Indiana Jones knockoff that focused on Mummies and pyramids and stuff, but I kind of dug the first and second films. I really didn’t care for the third and final chapter, but I still liked them enough to defend them.

Universal is tapping into director Len Wiseman (previously directed the middle-of-the-road Total Recall reboot) to reboot the franchise for a possible summer 2014 release. Wiseman is the absolute worst choice when it comes to rebooting or remaking, because the guy has no artistic talent. He’s a gun for hire and I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon.

He knows how to make things look expensive and exciting, but he doesn’t know how to build likable characters or films that actually need to be made.

Jon Spaihts is working on the script, so maybe we can count on something watchable? They do mention on Deadline that they want the movie to be four-quadrant, which basically means reaching ALL audiences, aka being generic as all hell.

A more horror-based Mummy film would be awesome, but something more generic than Stephen SommersMummy revamp is not a good idea.

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