Unfunny Movies Continue with ‘The Starving Games’

The kings of spoof movies are back again, this time they’ll be tackling yet another hot property in their spoof series, this time going after The Hunger Games with their film The Starving Games.  Yes, the duo behind Date Movie, Vampires Suck, and Meet the Spartans will step back behind the camera for yet another sp0of movie, which will also reportedly tackle The Avengers, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes.

The thing is, for Aaron Seltzer and Friedberg their films are less full of jokes than being actual jokes for existing.  Still, it seems enough people get a kick out of them for them to keep making them, so I’m sure next year I’ll be reporting on whatever ridiculous spoof they’ve decided to do this time.  The movies have done increasingly worse at the box office, but the thing is, they’re made so cheap, and people rent them, that we will only keep getting more of these until people learn their lesson and just watch E! for bad reality TV references.  Until then, more lame jokes.

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