UK Trailer For ‘The Conjuring’ Continues To Stir Up The Scares


Oh James Wan. Your ability to make high-quality horror with budgets of all sizes is beyond impressive. You revived the horror genre with Saw and then you went off and scared the pants off of everyone with films like Insidious and now the upcoming The Conjuring.

While I still believe Wan can direct action too (see Death Sentence); I must say that his eye for horror is rare, especially on the mainstream front. He knows how to scare, shock and awe and he doesn’t need much blood to do so.

The Conjuring looks like one truly frightening film and I have a feeling that it will get by mostly on its eerie feeling and slow build up. I love that Wan is using long shots and traditional cuts to make the audience jump and not just buckets of blood or weird demonic imagery.

I’ll be seeing The Conjuring when it opens in theaters on July 19th, 2013. Will you?

UK trailer below:

Source : Bad Ass Digest

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