Two New Stills From Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’


Director Neill Blomkamp is following up his impressive 2009 sci-fi debut film District 9 with Elysium. The film is slated to be released this August, yet Sony has been pretty closed-mouth on the marketing for the film. I like the approach that they’re taking, but I’m almost beginning to worry that the film is going to get pushed back or something.

Blomkamps’s futuristic tale takes place in the year 2159 and it follows Matt Damon‘s character as he attempts to escape the destroyed and tarnished Earth for a space station that is orbiting the planet, which normally only houses the upper-class society.

I love that Blomkamp continues to blend a little social commentary with some smart science fiction and I truly hope that Elysium lives up to the massive (but underplayed) hype that has been surrounding the film ever since production.

Today we’ve got two new images to show off, featuring Damon and co-star Alice Braga. Visually, this one looks like it’ll be sticking closely to District 9 in terms of grit and realism blended with strong sci-fi concepts.

Elysium opens on August 9th, 2013.

Expect a trailer sometime soon.


Source : First Showing

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