Two New Posters For Vin Diesel-Starring ‘The Last Witch Hunter’

It’s always fun seeing Vin Diesel branch out and do something that’s not related to his beloved Fast & Furious franchise or even his Riddick films.

Breck Eisner‘s upcoming The Last Witch Hunter pits Diesel up against various witches and even Elijah Wood at some point.

The trailer didn’t exactly sell me just yet, but Eisner and Diesel definitely have the capability of impressing on some level.

I’m hoping for a gory and hard R witch-hunting film, but I’m somewhat expecting a tame and generic PG-13 kid-friendly film.

I don’t know why, but I just feel like this one is going to get butchered.

Today, we’ve got two posters to share with you. The first one is a straight-up Game of Thrones copy, while the second one is a modern spin on the character.



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