Two New Posters For ‘The Wolverine’


Fox hasn’t been leaking much of anything regarding their upcoming X-Men film The Wolverine. We know that James Mangold is the director and that Hugh Jackman is reprising the titular role, but aside from those common pieces of knowledge we’ve only seen a handful of images and a couple of simplistic posters.

Today we’ve got our hands on two new posters, with one being kind of awesome and the other being a complete joke. The one up above is the awesome one, showing us typical Jackman sporting a pissed off Wolverine look, while the one below is the laughable one, which features Wolverine surrounded by some ninjas. I love how horrible the image of Jackman is slapped in between the dark and mysterious ninjas. It makes me laugh every time!

Apparently we should be expecting a trailer sometime tomorrow, so check back.

The Wolverine is scheduled to open on July 26th, 2013.


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