Two ‘Halloween’ Sequels Have Been Confirmed

I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority when I say that I prefer Rob Zombie‘s Halloween reboot to David Gordon Green‘s Halloween reboot/sequel. I’ll give DGG credit for reviving a dying franchise and bringing some critical praise to it, but I still prefer Zombie’s ability to go for something different, even if his version of different is hillbilly trash that most dislike.

David Gordon Green‘s film felt too safe, lacking any real creative juice, mostly relying on nostalgia, including the return of Jamie Lee Curtis.

It made some good money though, which is why David Gordon Green is coming back as the director and Danny McBride his co-writer, with horror legend John Carpenter confirming two sequels, Titled Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

The first drops in theaters in October of 2020 and the second in October of 2021 — the two films should be shooting back-to-back sometime very soon.

I’m all for more R-rated slasher horror flicks, but I can’t say I am anticipating these as much as I was the 2018 film.

Still, a win is a win, right?


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