TV Discussion: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 8

What’s up guys? I’m doing something a bit new tonight, hitting a territory I haven’t touched yet, doing a review of a TV show. But that’s obvious to you, because you clicked the link, and thanks for that! I’ve never done this before so bear with me.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 8: Nebraska, So for the one or two people out there who haven’t watched this show or don’t know what it is, let me explain a little bit of how we got to this very episode. The Walking Dead started out as a comic book/graphic novel series and thanks to AMC has been turned into a show about zombies.

But it’s also not a show about zombies. It’s really about a crew of people who met by chance and are helping each other survive in a world that the zombies have ruined. But along the way, they begin to realize that some people aren’t cut out for this new reality. We have our main character, Officer Rick Grimes. He wakes up in a hospital bed in the opening minutes of the series. We didn’t know at this point how he had gotten there. But he finds out that he is the only person in the entire hospital. Well, let me rephrase there, the only LIVING person. See Rick, while on duty with his partner and best friend Shane Walsh, was shot in the abdomen and somewhere along the lines it appears he slipped into a coma. While he was out of it, the world basically ended and the zombie apocalypse occurred. The reason has yet to be explained and creator, Robert Kirkman, has stated that we probably won’t ever find out how it happened.

Rick leaves the hospital and begins to realize what is going on, but he’s still badly injured. He meets up with a man named Morgan and his son Duane. They take him in and patch him up but he realizes he needs to find his wife Lori and son Carl. So he sets out looking. He heads for Atlanta and after getting trapped in a tank, ends up meeting this group of people scavenging a store in town. He helps them escape Atlanta and get back to their even bigger group of people. When they finally reach the bigger group he finds out that in that group is his wife, son and best friend. Also, I should mention now that his best friend hooked up with his wife while Rick was “dead”.

While camping out in a quarry, they end up getting attacked by walkers (they don’t use the term zombie in the show), and after losing about half the group, the realize they need to head to a safer place, so they head out to the CDC in Atlanta which is the place where they study diseases and ways to prevent them. Once they reach it, they find that there is only one man left in the entire facility, a Dr. Edwin Jenner. He lets them in and the group is finally safe!

Until they find out that the facility’s power supply is about to run out and once it does, the entire place will explode. So after the group, minus Dr. Edwin Jenner and a member of the group who decides she would rather not live in this world, after they escape, season one ends.

Fast forward to season two and we find the group driving to Fort Benning but they wind up stuck on a very packed road, note none of these cars have living people in them. They decide to search the cars but in the process and entire pack of walkers head their way. So they all hide under the vehicles. One little girl, named Sophia, winds up making a noise and gets noticed so she runs away and Rick chases after her and the two walkers pursuing her. He tells her to wait in a spot for him while he leads them away, but in the process, she winds up lost. They send out search parties to find her multiple times, one of these times, while watching a deer, Rick’s son Carl, ends up getting shot by a man named Otis, who is out hunting. Otis tells them that he lives on a farm that has a doctor so they rush Carl there. Eventually the rest of the group meets up with them there. This will be the scenery for the entire first half of this season.

So with Carl laid up in bed, dying, Shane volunteers to go into town with Otis and get medical supplies for the doctor to help Carl survive. This is the episode where Shane’s transformation goes into full swing to bat shit crazy guy. He winds up shooting Otis and leaving him for the walkers so he can get away, while telling everyone back on the farm that the walkers got Otis, leaving out the bullet he put in Otis’ leg.

Time goes by, Carl recovers fine and they stay on the farm. We find out that Rick’s wife, Lori is pregnant, and while she says it’s definitely Rick’s, Shane figures otherwise. Well more time passes and they find out that this doctor, Herschel, is insane. He believes that this will pass and there will be a cure for the zombies. So he had Otis, rather than shoot them, round them all up in a barn, including his wife and step son. The group soon finds out and decides to take action into their own hands, despite Rick disagreeing. They open up the barn and proceed to shoot every walker inside of it, but to end the episode, out of the barn walks little Sophia, stunning the audience and the group. She stumbles towards them, and yes, she has be bitten and is a full on walker.

Well the group proceeds to stand there, still in shock, so Rick becomes the leader once more, being the only one who can walk up and shoot this girl in the face. And that leads us to this point in time now.

The episode opens up right after the last one ended, let me point out here that watching both episodes back to back, Sophia is laying in a completely different position, little blooper there. In the middle of Shane questioning Herschel about his knowledge of Sophie being in the barn, we learn that it must have been Otis who put her in there before the incident with Carl happened. They have a service for Sophia, and Herschel’s wife and step son and say they will bury them and burn the rest. Herschel, begins to lose all the faith & hope he had before, seeing his wife and step son get shot, even though they’d been dead awhile, which he sees now. He goes back to drinking, something that his daughter Maggie states he hasn’t done since she was born, which has been years since she’s a full grown woman.

Herschel winds up going missing from the farm and they discover he’s gone to his old bar in town. Rick and Glenn go looking for him because another one of his daughters, Beth, has collapsed and gone into what appears to be shock. It looks as though she’s in trouble because Herschel is the only doctor left and the group has no idea what to do. Rick’s wife, Lori, realizing Herschel is needed quicker, decides to ask group member and hunting expert Daryl to go into town and get them, even though Rick and Glenn are already on their way. He basically tells her off, still dealing with Sophia being in the barn all along as he was searching every day for her. She decides to drive there herself with a map and a gun. While driving, she looks at her map and ends up running over a walker in the road causing her to lose control and crash the car horribly, keep in mind, she is indeed pregnant. We then find Rick and Glenn at the bar with Herschel and he’s drinking himself stupid. He basically tells Rick that he’s realized that there is no cure, no hope.

Suddenly, in walk two unknown characters and I honestly can’t remember if we even find out their names. They enter the bar and end up having drinks with Rick, Glenn & Herschel, even though Herschel doesn’t drink and claims to have just given it up. These two new guys tell their stories, and in the middle of it, mention to Rick & Glenn that Fort Benning has been overrun with walkers, crushing their hopes of heading there after Herschel forces them out of the farm.

Well after that these two guys start pushing their case of Rick and Herschel letting them come back and stay on the farm, even though both Rick and Herschel tell them that it’s not going to happen. The skinny guy asks Rick where he wants them to go, and Rick says he hears Nebraska (hence the name of the episode) is nice, referencing an earlier joke by one of the new guys. He laughs it off and starts to pull out his gun on Rick, but Rick draws faster and ends up shooting and killing them both. Shane and T-Dog (yes, that’s his name) are shown burning the bodies of the walkers they did not bury.

In this episode, we get a lot of branching stories, and as with every episode, more questions. We find out that Dale, the older man of the group who drives the RV and keeps look out while on top of the RV, suspects(and is dead on) that Shane sacrificed Otis to save himself. Shane’s character continues to develop as the guy who feels Rick isn’t cut out to lead this group and is flying more off the rails with every episode. Like I mentioned before, Lori was involved in the car accident and so far, we have not seen or heard her name since, maybe next week, though I feel that she will now lose the baby. Maggie and Glenn’s romance continues to blossom, yes I didn’t mention it before because it just isn’t at the point where it’s a major part of the show yet. And we have no idea what’s going on with Beth and Rick and Glenn, while they did mention it to Herschel, it was pretty much dropped there as they didn’t bring it up again the rest of the episode.

All in all, since I haven’t reviewed any episodes before this, I won’t give this one a score because there’s nothing to really base it on. It was another great episode to a show that has not had a bad one yet and recently was picked up for a third season. If you haven’t watched this show yet, go buy the DVD or Blu-ray of the first season and maybe download the first half of season two on iTunes and get into this show! You are missing out!

Thanks for reading; I had fun trying out this new experience. If you guys would like me to continue doing this for the future episodes or maybe even more shows, please leave a comment.

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