TV Discussion: Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 2: “Thirty-Eight Snub”

This week, Walt’s intentions are very obvious.  And in a sense, they are pathetic.  The problem Walt has is he expects everyone around him to hold the same strong moral code that he lives by, even when doing evil.  His imagined war with Gus had him parading around all episode, buying a gun, the titular .38 special.   Like Walt, the .38 Special is all wrong.   His whole plan is wrong.  This is proven to him when Mike kicks his ass, maybe a little because he’s angry at him, but mostly to show Walt he’s not the bad ass he thinks he is.  Applying scientific thought and reasoning should produce the best result, but Walt often forgets the simplest truths of life.

Meanwhile, Jesse is off in his own world, throwing a never ending party in hopes of forgetting all the tragedies that he simply cannot get over.  From Jane, to the crashed plane flight, and now Gale.  Sober or not, Jesse is an emotional mess, and Walt’s refusal to accept the situation for what it is reflects Walt’s own troubles.   Walt feels any problem can be solved in the way he’s been trained, until Mike kicks his ass.  Jesse’s headed down the long road, we’ll see where it takes him.

Skylar, meanwhile, is taking an even more active role in the family’s illicit operations by further pursuing the purchase of the car wash that Walt worked at.  The problem she has run into is Walt’s relationship with the owner was not on the best of terms, and the owner is demanding $10 million.  Again, Walt’s past mistakes have come back to haunt him in ways he did not expect.

Meanwhile, Hank is lost in his obsession with minerals, closing himself off to the rest of the world.  There will come a point where Hank and Marie’s relationship will come to a showdown, and I don’t think it will be pretty.  Hank doesn’t seem to be getting any more sociable and happy.

Speaking of which, Walt’s plans for retribution are thwarted by a classic simple line “Oh, you’ll never be seeing Gus again”.  A great lesson for Walt, who I’m sure sees it purely as a simple challenge from Gus himself.  I’m curious to see what tactics he will take to dethrone Gus as the king of meth in the southwestern US, and I’m guessing it will be a master stroke, or rather, it will have to be if he ever wants to escape the clutches of working for criminals for pennies on the dollar.

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