TSM Advances After LOL Vancouver Tournament

In April 2017, droves of fans came to Vancouver, BC, Canada to witness the League of Legends eSports tournament at the Pacific Coliseum. The victors? Team SoloMid.

Fans of League of Legends were certainly awestruck after their tickets to Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum ensured an impressive performance from Team SoloMid. These fan-favorites were heralded as the big winners of the North America League of Legends championship series (NA LCS).

Team SoloMid vs. Cloud 9

TSM took part in an online game comprised of multiple player, eventually moving up to the final round. The team competed against Cloud 9 (C9) with which the former took the win in the first two rounds; the first game lasted for 28 minutes while the second one went on for only 22 minutes.

C9 took the winning turn in the third and fourth rounds, defeating TSM despite the latter being highly capable players in the stage fights for various events in League of Legends. With the two teams tied to two wins each, TSM pushed further and triumphed over C9 after the final round, which lasted for 42 minutes.

A Highly-Anticipated eSports Event

The Vancouver viewers were most thrilled over the final round, and went on to loudly cheer and applaud for TSM and their well-deserved triumph in the championship games. The 2017 NA LCS spring finals held in Vancouver had been a highly-anticipated gaming event in the League of Legends’ history, with tickets easily selling out almost a month before the actual event.

Despite being left with high ticket prices, many of which had doubled amounts, there was approximately 16,000 League of Legends fans who were in a frenzied assembly at the stadium to have a glimpse of their favorite teams.

Last Saturday, fans were also excited for the rounds between Phoenix1 (P1) and FLYQUEST. Although P1 showed excellence in the first round, they were defeated by FLYQUEST in the second and third games. Nonetheless, P1 made a strong comeback and took the glory in the fourth and fifth rounds.

TSM is On the Rise

TSM has already gone through a successful year in 2016 after finishing in second place in the Spring Split, and quickly gained motion towards becoming first-placers in the Summer Split. After being qualified for the 2016 World Championship, TSM was deemed as the ideal North American representative.

However, they ended up getting kicked out of the group stage and were not able to attain the status as North American champions. After triumphing over C9 in the NA LCS Finals, TSM is off to redeem themselves at an international level at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitation.

During their first international gaming event of 2017, TSM showed a strong win over the GIGABYTE Marines, but these opponents also exhibited their strong will to challenge the LCS Spring Split champions. It was a tug-of-war between the two teams with which the Marines conquered the first two rounds. In the third game, TSM took control of the round and the audience was quick to notice that this was the impressive team that has won back-to-back in the NA LCS Spring Split. By the fifth round, the two teams came on to each other; despite losing several trades, TSM managed to use map pressure and plunged the game forward to 40 minutes. Overall, it was clear that TSM Coach Parth was able to come up with a remarkable composition.

Next Stop is Rio

Now, TSM is set for Rio de Janeiro where they are expected to face some of the best competition in the world, although the Marines had been a stronger team to deal with than they expected. A challenging competitor may have been a positive experience for the team to further up their game in the next events, according to iGaming site reviews.

For the Marines, the team could be looking back at this moment as a lost opportunity; it could have been their time to make their mark on the global League of Legends scene.

The League of Legends is an internationally recognized multiplayer online game created by Riot Games that has gained significant cultural influence and international fandom. Widely receiving positive responses, the game has an active and extensive fan-base. Before the end of 2012, it was deemed the most played game on PC across North America and Europe alike, as based on the number of hours played.

League of Legends has also left a great mark on streaming media communities on YouTube, Twitch.tv, and other similar platforms. In terms of competitive scenes, Riot Games has been known for organizing gaming events, such as the League Championship Series (LCS) held in Los Angeles and Berlin. Competitions with similar objectives have also been set in other locations, such as in China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Last year, the 2016 World Championship raked in 43 million viewers along with a prize pool of more than $6 million.


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