TRON 3 Script Is Moving Forward

Joseph Kosinski‘s years-later sequel TRON: Legacy failed to become that runaway hit that Disney was hoping for, yet it still continued the franchise in a new direction on TV. The original film remains a cult-classic, while the sequel remains a perfect example of a fancy light show with a confused Jeff Bridges. I’m not entirely hating on TRON: Legacy, but I can’t say that I’ve felt the urge to re-visit it anytime recently.

Still, there’s movement on a TRON 3 script, with Alan Horn progressing it in the hands of Peter Wigutow. Both names don’t promise much, plus Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is likely to return to direct if all goes according to plan.

I’m just shocked to see this news even surface, because I don’t recall anyone being too impressed with Legacy and I do recall Disney getting upset when the film failed to perform strongly domestically and overseas.

Are you ready to enter the grid again?

Source : Bad Ass Digest

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