Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Opens Decent (Friday Box Office)

BoxOfficeMojo has posted its numbers for Friday and to no surprise Transformers: Dark of the Moon is taking the lead with $32.9 million dollars, which was right behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s $36.7 million non-opening Friday. Transformers: Dark of the Moon opened up this past Wednesday, with addition “sneak preview” screenings on Tuesday night, followed by the midnight launch.

Early numbers were scary because Transformers: Dark of the Moon only earned $37.3 million on its Wednesday launch, which was a far cry from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s $62 million. Another thing worth noting is that 60 percent of Dark of the Moon‘s Wednesday gross was 3D, which means even with the 3D boost and inflation; Dark of the Moon still only mustered $37.3 million!

If you add the Tuesday “sneaks” and the midnight launch Dark of the Moon was sitting at $42.8 million, which still isn’t anywhere close to the $62 million Revenge of the Fallen made. I’m assuming most people are probably catching on to the Transformers series. The first film was both fun and exciting, while the second one was a straight up stinker. Most people are probably very hesitant about a third outing and I don’t blame them. You can read my kind of positive review by clicking here. I enjoyed the third one a lot more than the second, but it still isn’t even close to the first one in terms of quality.

Jumping back to Friday’s numbers, we have Cars 2 coming in second place with $7.9 million, which is a 69 percent decrease. This makes Cars 2 the steepest Friday-to-Friday dip for a summer Pixar film, which shouldn’t come as any surprise. The film was getting panned by critics and considered by Rotten Tomatoes to be the worst Pixar film yet. You can read Anthony’s review by clicking here.

Bad Teacher dropped to $4.5 million, but still managed to beat the weekly newcomer Larry Crowne, which drew in $4 million. I really enjoyed Bad Teacher and I am glad to see it pay off. (Click here to read review) It has been awhile since Cameron Diaz has been in a hit film and I’m glad it ended up being this one, an R rated dark comedy. Hopefully this means the studios will realize that if you market a dark comedy well then you can make a profit!

Larry Crowne looked extremely mediocre and it seems to be pulling in low numbers, no surprise.

Oh yeah, Green Lantern tumbled another 68 percent and ended up with $1.9 million on Friday. Green Lantern has made $97.6 million total in its entire theatrical run, which is what Dark of the Moon did in three days! Suck it!

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