Transformers 4 Will Be Bay’s Last, But He’s Setting It Up For The Next Guy

Michael Bay will be back in the director’s chair for Transformers 4, despite what he said about Transformers: Dark of the Moon being his last entry as a director. His new plan is to reboot the series, with an entirely new cast and redesigned robots.

After completing the fourth film in the $2 billion dollar series he then plans to hand it over to the next guy, whoever that poor soul may be.

Bay is currently finishing up his smaller film titled Pain & Gain, starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson. Hopefully that proves that Bay still has some storytelling talent left, because I’d really like to see him tackle more projects that involve stuff other than giant robots blowing each other up.

Say what you want about the quality of Bay’s Transformers films, but you can’t deny that they’re visual beauties, even if they overdo it a bit too much.

Excessive action is Bay’s shining armor and he’ll probably never give that up, but can’t the guy at least make something like Bad Boys II or The Island again?

Transformers 4 will answer those questions and while I’m not excited for the flick I am curious to see how he reboots and it where he leaves it off for someone else to takeover.

Can you imagine what the Transformers series would be like under the direction of someone with actual storytelling skills like Christopher Nolan?

Here’s a quote from Hero Complex:

There’s plenty more Transformer action to come with a major new video game release, “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron,” due in August and another Bay movie in the works. (The director, by the way, says that the fourth film will include some redesign of the robots and an entirely new cast. He also said it will be his last and set the franchise up “for the next guy.”)

Who do you think is best fit to takeover the series?

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