Transformers 4 To Follow 4 Years After Dark Of The Moon

Michael Bay‘s Transformers 4 is happening. Bay has already attached his Pain & Gain star Mark Wahlberg and gotten rid of Shia Labeouf. Bay is trying his hardest to set this new film up as a new direction for the franchise, while still continuing the lineage of the story.

I wasn’t aware that people cared about the story in any given Transformers film.

Here’s a quote from the big man himself:

“The movie will continue four years from the attack on Chicago. Which is in the last movie. So it’s going to still have the same lineage. And it’s going a full new direction and feels very natural how it’s going in that direction. There is no way you’re going to ever find out what the story is. You don’t have to dig through my trash… I shredded my trash.”


Source : Total Film

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