Transformers 4 And 5 To Shoot Back-To-Back With Statham Leading?

Talk about a heavy workload for Mr. Bay and possibly Mr. Statham. Variety is reporting a few interesting new stories in regards to the eventual Transformers sequels. First off, they want to film the fourth and fifth film back-to-back to save some money, as if the 2.5 billion dollars the previous three films made wasn’t enough. Apparently the fees just keep escalating with more explosions in the form of action sequences and newly casted star power.

Speaking of star power, this leads us into the interesting subject of how Jason Statham fits into all of this. His name has been thrown around for being the new leading man now that Shia LaBeouf is out. That would make for two big series that Statham is doing back-to-back sequels for. I must mention that no formal offers have been made; this is all talks right now.

Jason Statham in Fast & Furious 6 and 7 as well as Transformers 4 and 5? That would be one epic few years in cinema. I love his work with the Crank series and generally any other B action movie he decides to be in minus Killer Elite. I think he’d fit like a glove in the Fast/Furious series, but Transformers might be a harder sell. They would really need to take advantage of him as an action star and not just have him running around and crying for two and a half hours like Mr. LaBeouf did so skillfully in the previous three films.

Also, Michael Bay still isn’t a lock in for director. He wants to produce with Steven Spielberg, but he originally stated that Dark of the Moon was his last Transformers directing gig. I’m sure a hot model, expensive car and massive paycheck could change his mind though.

What are your thoughts on all of this news? Would Statham fit into the Transformers series? Should Bay return as director or should they just call it quits?

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