This Trailer for Season 4 of Eastbound and Down Kicks Your Ass


If you thought season 3 was the final season for HBO’s Eastbound and Down, fuck you and Steve’s little dick! Kenny Powers comes back whenever the fuck he feels like it! He makes his presence known in this trailer for season 4 of Eastbound.

The trailer for the upcoming season brings back baseball legend Kenny Powers (played by the ever so charming Danny McBride), but there seems to be no baseball in the picture. Could this be his post career desperate attempt to keep in the spotlight? Machine guns, check. Ridiculous sunglasses, check. Wild partying, check. Retirement never itched so good.

I have only watched about the first half of season 3, so I don’t fully know how it ended, but it looks like Kenny and April are together again and Kenny seemingly “died” or retired. Fuck if I know, I must have missed something.

Anyway, the new season premiers September 29th at 10pm/9c on HBO. Either you’re fucking in or you’re fucking out.

Source : Cinnematallica

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