Trailer For R-Rated Super Sized Cut Of ‘Anchorman 2’, In Theaters On Feb. 28th


Anchorman 2 was a huge disappointment in my eyes. It was pretty much the first film, but with situations slightly altered. I know that sounds like most comedies, but director Adam McKay and his team could have easily done a million times better.

Anchorman was a pretty hilarious comedy, while Anchorman 2 appeared as one of those sequels that tried way too hard to recapture the magic from the first film, by being exactly like the first film.

Now, we’ve got an R-rated super-sized cut of the film to look forward to, which will be released into theaters on February 28th with over 763 new and extended jokes.

Is this new cut worth checking out if you’ve already seen the previously released PG-13 theatrical cut? Probably not, unless you really enjoyed the film and just can’t seem to get enough. Otherwise, I’d suggest waiting for the eventual Blu-ray release.

Here’s a newly cut trailer:


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