Trailer for ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ Starring Bill Murray

Today we get a look at the first trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson, the new film starring Bill Murray as president Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The film centers on FDR and his distant cousin Daisy (Laura Linney) who were best friends and lovers.  Murray dives head first into the character, and many are blown away by his dedication to the character.  After a career of great comedic performances, he should be expected to be this good all the time.

The film is about a wild weekend when the King and Queen come to FDR’s home in Hyde Park, New York, just before the outset of World War II where some funny culture clashes get resolved before the start of the war, I presume.  This is another movie that will be releasing this fall, just in time to be considered for awards season, but I don’t know if this movie will have enough depth to get any nominations except for Bill Murray, who should be getting consistently nominated at this point.

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