Trailer For The Divide

Nothing like a little post-apocalyptic film to help get 2012 started off on the right foot. Hitman director Xavier Gens directs The Divide, a smaller budget film that follows a group of people as they witness a nuclear blast and take refuge in an underground bunker. Sometimes these types of films work really well if the cast is on board for delivering some noteworthy performances, but most of the time these films end up stinking due to the interesting concept that is backed up by mediocre talent. The Divide looks to land somewhere in the middle with Michael Biehn being the only credible cast member.

I’ve only seen one of Gens’ previous films and that was Hitman, which was good, but not great. Probably one of the better video game adaptations, but it’s kind of hard to mess up a story about a bald guy who kills people in clever ways. I’ve heard good things about Frontier(s), but I haven’t found the time to sit down and watch it. Maybe The Divide might be motivation or maybe I’ll just stick with kind of liking Hitman.

The Divide also stars Lauren German and Milo Ventimiglia. It opens in limited release on January 13th, 2012.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Yahoo Movies.

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