Trailer for New J.J. Abrams-Produced NBC Show ‘Revolution’

In what looks like more of a “here, use my name” situation for NBC and J.J. Abrams, the new trailer is up for their latest mystery show Revolution.  The show stars Billy Burke as a man surviving in a post-electricity society, but his brother had information about what caused the end of electricity and possibly how to restore it.

The show seems to center on that very mystery, but it doesn’t look like there is enough to sustain an entire season, let alone series, on what might have happened.  That, and the entire thing looks rather boring and uninspired, but that might just be me.  Having never seen Lost, I can only say that this is definitely trying to tap into their audience based on the Abrams name as well as the name of Supernatural’s Eric Kripke. Other than that, the show just doesn’t look compelling enough for me to watch, but I’m sure plenty of other people will check it out this fall when it premieres on the NBC fall line up.

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