Trailer For Mark Duplass-Starring Horror Film ‘Creep’

Patrick Brice‘s Creep already sounded like a cool concept for a low-budget horror film, shot found-footage style while following a man that’s been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and wants to be filmed for a day so that his unborn son can watch the footage someday.

The inclusion of Mark Duplass makes it all the more interesting, with early reviews saying that its both disturbing and darkly comedic.

The film’s trailer slowly reveals the man’s true motives by way of your typical jump-scares and shaky cam montages, but it all seems to work a little better here for some reason and I can’t wait to find out why.

Mark Duplass stars as the creepy main character, while Brice plays the man filming him.

The film will get a VOD release and I believe a limited theatrical run, which means I need to check this one out immediately.


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