Trailer For Alien Horror Film Dark Skies, From Producer Jason Blum

Jason Blum is proving himself to be a force in the horror industry, producing such flicks like Insidious (and the upcoming Insidious Chapter 2), The Bay, Paranormal Activity and Sinister. All horror movies that have made their stamp on the genre in one way or another and now he’s teaming up with Legion and Priest director Scott Stewart for Dark Skies; a sci-fi/horror film about an alien invasion and how it affects one specific family.

The film stars Kerri Russell and Josh Hamilton and honestly the trailer gives off a mixed bag of emotions. Part of me likes the creepy mystery surrounding the aliens, but most of the footage revealed resembles The Fourth Kind and even Signs. This links into the part of me that’s doubting the film, solely on the director’s past work.

I love alien flicks, especially scary ones that mess with your mind. Dark Skies could be exactly that.

The film releases on February 22nd, 2013.

Watch the trailer below:

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