Trailer 2 For House At The End Of The Street

Trailer 2 for the Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) starring horror film House at the End of the Street has made its way online and it looks even worse than the Elizabeth Olsen starring Silent House.

At least Silent House looked creepy and was structured around a basic idea. Its execution might have left room for improvement, but it was a decent thriller none the less.

This latest trailer for House at the End of the Street is all over the place, with not a single scare even registering. It also doesn’t help to know that the film is now PG-13, which usually spells disaster for any horror flick.

I wasn’t looking forward to the film before this trailer and now I’m really hoping to avoid it altogether.

House at the End of the Street opens on September 21st, 2012.

Check out trailer 2 below, via Apple:

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